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Insulation services

Retro, New build, removal & garage door

NEW BUILD Insulation

Though we are primarily Retro based, when the time comes to consider options for new home insulation, making the most of your investment and keeping your build on track are the two most important things to consider. At The Installers, we take care to not only provide our clients with the best products but the best service and reliability during installation as well. We are proficient in using Glasswool products and one of the few companies capable of doing a GreenStuf new build. We will ensure that the property will help keep the occupants warm and comfortable for years to come.

Insulation REMOVAL

Before installing new ceiling insulation in your home or removing old ceiling panels for renovations, you should consider removing any old existing loosefill insulation. Insulfluf or loosefill insulation may have become contaminated with vermin faeces and urine or just simply have broken down over time. With Insulfluf or other loose fill materials with formaldehyde, we cleanly suck out the old insulation into a sealed trailer to help ensure a dust free environment.

garage door Insulation

The garage is an often-overlooked area for the installation of insulation. Attached garages often have no insulation installed, causing them to be stifling hot during summer and freezing cold in winter. A lot of modern homes no longer use the garage for the car but instead as an extension of the house. As Garage doors are a thin sheet of metal with no insulation properties, insulating the garage door and ceiling will help maintain a suitable temperature and truly turn the garage into an extension of the liveable house.

Retro Insulation

We have been involved in retro insulation since 2010 and have proved our experience for this time after time. We have helped thousands of properties become warmer and more comfortable homes. When you need to improve the thermal efficiency of your home, choosing the right insulation contractors can have a significant impact on the outcome of the work. At The Installers, we're confident that we have the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a resounding success.  We offer very competitive rates and different insulation types to suit your needs and budget.