Problems Addressed by Insulation in Hamilton NZ

When you plan to install insulation, here are a few pointers to guide you to consider all relevant matters.

  • Vapour: During cold weather, water vapour from the warm interior travels through unseen holes and cracks and condenses on colder surfaces. This condensation can cause wood to rot and paint to blister. Remember to install vapour barriers to prevent this from happening.
  • Attic ventilation: An unventilated attic will trap heat during the summer, which raises the indoor temperature. Ensure your ceiling is well insulated, to stop that excess heat from forcing its way into your home. 
  • DIY: People often follow this route to save money and end up paying more for corrective services. Our self-assess option allows you to measure while we supply and install the insulation; this will generate a 10% discount off the retail price. Download a printable form which guides you to take all the required measurements, submit the information, after revision; we will provide you with an estimate. 


We have been in operation since 2009, and commenced our first insulation installation in March of 2010, in the Waikato region of NZ. Various installation companies often contract us to complete their insulation installs. Ours is also one of the rare companies where the owner works alongside the employees and is continually involved in every stage and level of the business.

We don’t mind getting down and dirty, to provide you with amazing temperate comfort in your home. Give us a call; we would love to hear from you.​​

In the installation business, it often happens that the supplied quote is not quite what you had in mind. We get it right the first time, every time - from the assessment to the final installation. We accomplish this by paying attention to detail. 

  • Installers and assessors: You will not find any salespeople on our team. All our assessors are trained installers, which guarantees that they know what an insulation install comprises and are thorough in preparing an assessment for you. 
  • Correct products and advice: We do not punt a sale, it is imperative to us that we correctly guide and inform you about the best products and solutions for your specific setup, which sometimes results in us losing the sale, yet we would rather have no deal than give you something ineffective or incorrect in the long-term.
  • High standards: Between our top installers, we have 20 years of combined experience. We ensure that we complete all installs to NZS4246 standards–no skimping to get the job done sooner, nor to save a little material. 

Over the years we have completed insulation installs in thousands of homes, some of which some were for councils and retirement villages.

You will not regret using our team as your insulation installers in Hamilton. Our skills and vast knowledge enable us to install everything from retro to new build insulations successfully. Our passion ensures that we provide you with exceptional service and installation quality. Over 5,000 satisfied homeowners attest to this fact. 

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