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There are many insulation companies out there, but very few of the insulation companies in Hamilton have the knowhow and customer focus that The Installers offer. As a smaller company, there is no head office dictating our work, and as such, we focus on what is best for the customer over the sale. Our goal is to give you the best installation to keep our reputation at the top of the insulation business.

Proper insulation is both key to keeping your home warm when it is cold outside and cool when the sun is beating down as well as saving energy. Picking an insulation business, such as us at the Installers, who know the needs of customers in Hamilton, will ensure that you get the most out of your insulation installation.

  • Insulation regulates the temperature in your home or business. Not only does this lead to a more comfortable internal temperature, regardless of the time of year, it also lowers energy costs by reducing the running costs for heating and air conditioning.​
  • We offer several insulation options, including GreenStuf and Earthwool. GreenStuf is a superior polyester insulation with greater durability, lasting for years. Earthwool is a Glasswool product, the most popular form of insulation in the world and contains no added bleaches, artificial colours or dyes.


What to Look for in Insulation Companies in


Problems The Installers Address 

The Installers is the longest running small insulation company in Waikato, and we put the customer’s needs first, even at the cost of a sale. As the longest operating small insulation company in Waikato, we understand the requirements the members of our community have when it comes to insulation.

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The Importance of Insulation Companies 

When dealing with insulation companies, you may find yourself working with a large faceless business and miss out on the best insulation installation for your home or business. At The Installers, we consider ourselves a different type of insulation business for the following reasons:

  • All our assessors are installers themselves; even our manager is an installer. We bring our experience at installing insulation with us when we assess your home or business to determine your insulation needs. We know precisely what to look for, resulting in a more accurate assessment, and when the installation is complete, a better-insulated building.
  • Because we are a smaller business, we value the customer and the Waikato Region where we operate. We put the customer above the sale. You want an installation company that will not try to oversell you with options you do not need merely to pad their pockets.​
  • We have experience working with government subsidy schemes.

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