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When you commission a domestic insulation installation, there are a few points to consider, as a well-insulated home is energy efficient and contributes favourably toward the greener ideal. Long-term financial payoff is an added benefit of increasing thermal energy in a new or existing home. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has stated that buildings account for 40% of global energy consumption. Thus, there is enormous potential for energy savings.

  • Air leakage: Ensure that you seal air leaks and upgrade insulation levels of older homes in the basement and attic. Doing this can decrease cooling or heating costs by up to 30%.
  • Types of insulation: One product to consider is GeenStuf®, which is a durable polyester insulation, that lasts longer than most other insulations. Another product to consider is Earthwool®, which is a glass wool product used worldwide. It contains no bleaches, dyes, or artificial colouring and is extremely affordable, making it a popular choice for rental properties. 
  • What to insulate: You can insulate your walls, floors, windows and ceiling. The more areas you insulate, the more effective it will be. Your windows do not necessarily require double glazing. There are cheaper options to use, such as thick curtains, well-fitting blinds, and even a cleverly planted garden can positively contribute toward insulation by offering shade in summer and sunshine in winter. All these will alleviate the necessity of maintaining while providing a comfortable temperature in your home, requiring less energy-powered assistance.

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Are you aware that the new RTA (Residential Tenancy Act) stipulates that you must ensure your home insulation in Hamilton is in accordance with their minimum standards by July 2021? Should you require a certificate of compliance in this regard, we can do a free check on your current insulation and provide feedback, to enable your conformance to the new law.