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EECA kiwi homes grant

Save up to 90%

G-FORCE is an authorised service provider for the Warmer Kiwi Homes grant from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). This four-year government programme covers 90% of the cost of insulating the ceiling and underfloor of your home to help keep it warmer, drier and healthier for your family. A grant is also available for installing a ground vapour barrier if you are taking up an insulation grant.

THE INSTALLERS are contracted to G-Force to cover the retro insulating under the EECA programme within the Waikato area. We have been involved with EECA subsidies since 2010 and have insulated thousands of homes with the various levels of EECA funding.

To be eligible for a grant you will need to:
• Be the homeowner (owner-occupier) of a home built before 2008 AND 
• Have a Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card OR 
• Own and be living in a home in an area identified as lower-income OR
• Be referred by the Healthy Homes Initiative