The Drimaster offers cost-effective ventilation for the whole property using the tried and tested Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle, where fresh, filtered air is introduced into the home at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. This process removes condensation, allergens such as dust mites, and the pollutants caused by cooking and cleaning from the air. The results are a fresh and healthy indoor environment in which condensation and mould cannot exist, and where indoor pollutants including harmful Radon gas are kept to a minimum - all great news for allergy sufferers.

rental inspections

The Installers have become members of Healthy Rentals NZ, using the regional name Healthy Rentals Waikato. Healthy Rentals NZ aims to help rental properties meet the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Act. They have developed a simple yet comprehensive report that clearly shows any areas of concern, with supported photos.​

Healthy Rentals NZ have a great team of people with can-do attitudes who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get things done.


Garage carpet is a great way to transform your garage into a truly usable area. We use a New Zealand made closed-cell synthetic fibre that absorbs no moisture, will not rot or smell. Because of its non-woven technology the carpet won't zip, run or fray, making them easy and inexpensive to maintain.
By installing garage carpet, you can transform you garage from just car storage to an additional room for your property, such as a gym, office or extra bedroom if needed.
We use NZ Made Autex Carpet, designed for the NZ environment and each install comes with a stylish metal and rubber strip installed along the front edge to ensure a tidy finish to the carpet. Find out more.


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