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our history

a brief background

We don't use higher prices and then discount them to give the illusion the customer is getting a better deal. We will offer a great price for the install, straight off the bat. We don't charge administrative or other hidden prices to surprise you.

We take pride in our work, with our employees continuously trained and audited to ensure the installs are done up to the NZS4246 insulation standards. Our employees are rewarded for showing high quality of workmanship and deducted, should they fail in workmanship.

The company started in November 2009 as a home maintenance company. In March 2010, we did our first insulation installation under the Government insulation scheme. In 2011, a personal injury forced the manager to stop the home maintenance portion and primarily focus on insulation. This was due to the manager personally working on the home maintenance portion and having employees doing the insulation installing.

We continued to insulate houses during the EECA Heat Smart programme, which continued to its conclusion in June 2013. At that stage a new scheme, EECA Healthy Homes, was started and we continued to operate, insulating homes under the new scheme. This schemes discount structure concluded in June 2016 (has been replaced again) and we decided to separate from the funding scheme at that stage, due to administrative differences.

We are now contracted as insulation installers to three larger companies, who had an established sales structure but was lacking in the retro installer side. These companies heard of our reputation in the Waikato region as retro installers with an eye for detail and high quality of work.

Over the years, we have insulated over 4000 properties in Waikato, BOP and even Hawkes Bay. We have insulated many properties for, but not limited too;

  • Netherville Retirement Village
  • Aparangi Village
  • Hamilton City Council
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ridgedale Development
  • Bunnings
  • Mitre 10 Mega